Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Susan's Blue and Green Log Cabin

My good friend Susan always brings me great tops to quilt for her.  This one is for her youngest daughter.  Since the older two sisters were recently married and received wedding quilts, the last daughter also asked for a quilt. Susan just happened to find this completed top that she forgot about from many years ago waiting to be finished.
The "Before" shot.
This is the "After" photo.  What a difference!
This time Susan chose the Tickle Too design to soften the edges of all the straight piecing.  I think it worked well.  Glide thread in Khaki was used for the top.
Susan always likes the thread to show on the back so she picked So Fine Evergreen this time for the pretty Navy batik.
Now all three of Susan's daughters have a quilt.  Eventually the youngest daughter will get married and many grandbabies will arrive so there's bound to be many more tops coming my way to get stitched up for her.

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