Monday, September 2, 2019

Colleen's sweet cars baby boy quilt

I'm embarrassed that I've neglected my blog for the past 6 months but between a insanely busy cookie season, family vacations and multiple Girl Scout troop activities, I've been really busy.  I've done a small amount of sewing, other thank Girl Scout badges and patches, so I'll be posting about those projects in the coming weeks. 

The most recent customer quilt completed was for Colleen.  She made this sweet, simple little quilt for her grandson's 2nd birthday which is coming up soon. 
The main print is adorable and the border colors she chose compliment it well.
Colleen wanted to keep the quilting design simple so she chose the One Cloudy Day panto. The thread on the top is So Fine 493 Pale Green and Glide Turquoise was used on the back.
She brought a Turquoise print fabric for the backing.
With the matching thread choice, the quilting on the back just shows as nice texture.
I'm sure Colleen's grandson will cherish this quilt for many, many years to come.

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