Monday, September 3, 2018

Guild Pinwheel Churn and Dash Quilt

My guild's charity quilt coordinator was happy when I said I'd be willing to quilt the larger (twin and up) tops that she had waiting to be finished.  She gave me 4.  The first one on the frame was this pretty Pinwheel Churn and Dash.  I'm trying to remember to take a "before" picture of each one.
This is the "after" though the lighting isn't the best.  After waiting through days of rain and/or wind to take the pictures, I gave up and laid it on my living room floor.
The texture from the quilting was just enough and didn't overpower the piecing.
I picked a panto that I hadn't done before for this.  It's Expression and I think it suited this quilt well.  I used Glide Khaki thread on the top.
The quilting shows nicely on the pieced back.  The thread is Omni Light Tan.
This completed quilt will be turned in next week at our first guild meeting of the year and it's nice to know that it will be keeping someone warm and cozy this coming winter.
Stay tuned to see more of the completed customer and guild quilts I've been working on.

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