Friday, March 9, 2018

Stars and Stripes for Pop

My blog has been way too inactive in recent months but I'm planning on correcting that situation as spring gets underway.  I really enjoy connecting with my readers and sharing what I'm working on and I've missed that lately.

Part of the problem with not posting (besides a lack of time) is that my camera broke months ago but now I finally have a new one.  I know that many people use the camera on their cell phones but that doesn't work well when the quilt is big...I have to stand way too far back to get it all in (if that's even possible) and then you can never see the details.  A new camera was a must in my book.

Anywho....I've finally gotten the chance to take pictures of a recently finished quilt.  This is:

Stars and Stripes for Pop
The pattern is Porch Rails by Fabric Cafe and I picked it up and the fabric bundles for it from their booth at the Quilt and Sewing Fest of New Jersey show last year.
Originally this quilt was going to be a gift to my step father but he passed away at the end of June last year before I could finish it so instead I'm going to donate it to a quilt charity.
As a veteran he would have appreciated the patriotic fabrics that I chose.
I used the Fire Flower panto.  The original plan was to use a panto that featured stars but when I auditioned the ones that I have, I didn't care for the overall effect.  So Fine thread in Red was used for both the front and the back.
To me the Fire Flower panto lends itself to a bit of a fireworks appearance which I think works better with the fabrics in the quilt top.
The backing is a another Red, White and Blue patriotic print that I just happened to come across that turned out to be perfect.
For the binding a Blue fabric with Red and White streamers was the fitting finale.
I know my step dad would have really appreciated this quilt and I'm sorry that he didn't get to enjoy it but it will be loved by someone else in his memory.

5 of you added your own colorful comments:

In stitches and seams said...

What a wonderful gift to give . I'm sure your step dad would be proud to see another use the quilt he didn't even from above. Hugs

Needled Mom said...

It will make a wonderful gift to a veteran. It's a shame that he didn't get to see it.

Jeanna said...

That is a great quilt and it is a nice size too.

Quayquilter said...

Great you're back into photgraphing and blogging again - missed you

cocoya said...

Good luck with your sales, hope your troop is the top seller again.