Friday, October 28, 2016

Voyager 17 with Dekked Out Quilting upgrade for sale

 For sale:  Voyager 17 with Dekked Out Quilting upgrade
I have exciting news.  I am upgrading to a bigger machine and frame so my Voyager "Penelope" needs a new home.

She includes: a Hinterberg Stretch frame set at 10 feet (length can be changed), Red Snappers, an extension base for ruler work, a new ruler foot plus the standard hopping foot and a fat foot, 50+ bobbins, 4 extra bobbin cases, industrial bobbin winder, Towa gauge, front laser stylus, an extra belt, (3) 118" zippers, timing needle, machine oil, (2) DVDs: I've got a longarm (and I'm not afraid to use it) and Longarm and Fabulous, and the balance of the 5 year warranty on the upgrade (from June 2014) which includes maintenance.
This is a great machine for the hobby quilter or someone that wants to get into longarm quilting but doesn't want to spend tens of thousands to get started.  She runs beautifully and I've enjoyed quilting my own quilts with her but now it is time for her to find a new owner who will love her too.
Price: $6,500.  Buyer is responsible for disassembly, transportation, set up and all associated costs.
Located in upstate NY, the Albany area.  She'll remain set up so you can come and try her out.  Email me if you'd like to schedule a visit.

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Doreen said...

Wow!!! Upgrade!!!! Details.......I hope you find a new home for your Penelope.......

beaquilter said...

aww, sad to see it go, Steve still hasn't called me about my upgrade.... well he called me once over the summer to say I'd have to wait

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Congrats on your upgrade!!! Stopping my to see if you organized a Kate Spain swap....but see you are busy with the kiddos....and THAT's a good thing! Just didn't want to miss your last two were good. But DO understand the time commitment. Thanks for organizing the ones in the past.

Billie said...

I'm very interested in the upgrade. I have this wonderful machine, bought a Regulator and it did not work. I sent it back. Please tell me where I can buy the upgrade you show on your Voyager 17. Thanks!