Sunday, April 17, 2016

The great time suckage.....

....that is Girl Scout cookie season is almost over.
There are a few tasks left to complete before the 2016 season book is closed.
Yesterday we delivered 180 boxes purchased and donated by our customers to our regional food bank.  The girls got a tour of the facility and we also put in some volunteer time.  It was a great experience and we will definitely be back.  Our customers also purchased 130 boxes that will be delivered to US Troops worldwide. That's 310 total boxes donated, a 34% increase over last year.

The final deposit goes into the bank on Monday, I have to finish closing out our troop account in the online system and order the girls' rewards, drop our paperwork envelope to the service unit cookie manager and then I can finally say "Done!"  Can you hear my very loud "Whoo hoo"?

So how did my troop do this year?
They rocked it again and I'm so proud of them.  This year's total sale is 3,990 boxes.  That is a whopping 22% increase over last year and exactly 500 boxes over the troop's goal. In case you are wondering, I don't set the troops goal.  Each girl picks something from the rewards and works to earn it.  The troops' goal is just a tally of each girl's personal goal.

Sunshine did an awesome job with her sales too this year.  Her grand total is
I don't know what her goal will be next year but you can bet, she'll want to earn the next reward possible on the list.  She is one very driven little girl.
My sewing and quilting lately?
Nada!  There just hasn't been time.  I did piece 2 spring-y table runners in late February or early March and actually got one of them 1/2 quilted but once the cookies arrived, getting back to it has been impossible.
I guess I've come to realize and accept that as long as I'm a Girl Scout leader, from mid March to mid April any sewing just isn't going to happen.  That prospect doesn't make me happy, but it is worth it for what my girls get to do with their earnings and at least now I won't get upset about the lack of sewing time or make any commitments with deadlines around then.
This coming week I'll finally be able to get back to normal. I have one more side of binding to finish hand sewing before I can show it to all of you and one more with the binding ready to hand sew to the back. Those table runners need to get finished and I'm itching to get back to making my City Sampler blocks. 
I also have a few more tops waiting to be quilted and teacher gifts to make so I certainly have plenty on my plate for the coming couple of months.  Stay tuned for the pretty pictures.
For my regular readers that are used to me posting a ton of pictures from MQX, don't worry.  I'm going to do the same this year.  I have a ton of pictures to sort through so check back this week for the first one or two posts.  The overload of quilty goodness was fantastic again this year and I can't wait to share it all.

Happy Sunday!  I hope you have a fabulous day.

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Needled Mom said... you are so glad to have that behind you. The girls (and you) did great.

Patti said...

Now to get some serious quilting done!!!

Robby said...

Thank you for supporting the girls through helping make the cookie sale happen. As a former scout who's only route to camp was to sell cookies, it is a great feeling of accomplishment and source of many lessons. I also appreciate your desire to get back to sewing. ;^)

Michele said...

Hi Robby,

Unfortunately you are a No Reply Blogger so I can't reply to you directly but thank you for the sweet comment. Yes Girl Scouts is so worth all the time and hard work but I'm definitely ready for a much deserved break.