Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Last chance

7 6 3 spots left!

Every day the packages of gorgeous charms are arriving and I can't wait to start sorting all of them into pretty piles to send back out to all of the participants. It's not to late to be one of those participants.
This is the final call for anyone who wants to join in on the Kate Spain Christmas Charm Swap.  Surprisingly, there are still a few spots available.  This swap includes all of her holiday lines including:
Kate's holiday designs are so modern and fun and will look great together in some fabulous projects for the upcoming season.  I already have a few projects planned for my stack of charms. The details are all in this post but I am extending the deadline to have your charms in the mail to August 15th to give the new people time to get their fabrics and get them sent out.

So sign yourself up today!  Sign your friends up today!  Don't miss out.

2 of you added your own colorful comments:

Karen said...

Do you have two spots left? I think I have found two fabrics that in not in the Flicker Photos.

Michele said...

Yes Karen there are still a couple of spots available?