Friday, January 3, 2014

Sewing with the kidlets - December Primary Bee blocks

As 2013 was closing, the kidlets and I finally got the time to make the December Primary Bee blocks.
 The Bee Princess for December is Wild Child who's mom Amy blogs over at Butterfly Angels Quilting and she requested Friendship Star blocks in Hot Pink, Black and White.

I pulled a bunch of fabric choices for the kidlets to choose from and we set to work. Jammer wasn't in the mood on Monday to sew so Sunshine went 1st. Although I did the ironing and the cutting, she was pretty good about sewing the pieces together.
The most challenging part is getting her used to where and how to hold her hands to guide the fabric correctly.
Daddy got home from work Monday evening so she wanted to take a break but she was eager to finish this up on Tuesday morning. Here she is with her finished block. She is really proud of her block and so am I.
Hi! I'm Sunshine. I learned to follow the line to make a half square triangle.

On Tuesday, once Jammer saw what Sunshine created, he really wanted to get his block made too. He picked out the fabrics that he wanted to use and like with Sunshine, I did the ironing and the cutting, but he did the rest of it (for the most part).
Again, teaching them the proper way to guide the fabric so that the seam lines come out right was the most challenging part.
To help them both practice this part more, I think I'm going to make up some pieces and let them go to town honing their seam sewing skills.

It wasn't long before Jammer's block was completed too. It certainly isn't perfect but it is pretty good for his 1st block ever.
 Hi! I'm Jammer. I learned to always pay attention to what I'm doing so that I don't mess up. 

It was evening by the time these were completed so they couldn't get mailed. The plan was to have them on their way yesterday but with the big nor-easter snow storm, there was no way I was going out of the house. They will be on their way to their new owner Wild Child this afternoon.

So this is my Whoop Whoop for this week. It is also my Finish It Up Friday, my TGIFF and my Link-A-Finish Friday and my Show Off Saturday item. No they aren't completed quilts but being able to "finish" something with the kidlets is no easy task so I think this counts just fine.

So what did you complete this week?

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  1. Your sewing kidlets are adorable and they do lovely work! ... :) Pat

  2. Sunshine and Jammer, you did awesome on your blocks! And remind your mommy, it doesn't have to be a finish to get a Whoop Whoop!!! You did amazing!!

  3. They look great! A whole block is something to whoop about. Great job!

  4. It's so awesome that your kids are interested in learning to quilt with you. What great blocks.

  5. This sewing Bee was a great idea! What a great way to get kiddos involved in quilting!

  6. Nice! I admire everyone who is patient enough to work with kids!

  7. This looks like so much fun!! I think it's great that you are teaching your kids.

  8. It's great to see this, my eldest daughter is 3 and I'm hoping to encourage her to sew with me, she has helped me with a few things and I look forward to doing more complicated items like this with her.

  9. Good job Mom! Sewing with the kids is a great idea. And they sure did a wonderful job on their blocks! I am proud of all three of yous!

  10. Sunshine & Jammer did a great job! This is such a fun bee!

  11. WildChild is LOVING her blocks, and can't wit to sew this weekend! Thank You!! Amy @


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