Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charms, lots of lovely charms

The envelopes with the Kate Spain charms for the swap are coming in. I received 5 packages yesterday alone. I'm sure my mailman is wondering what is going on. There are a few more expected and then I can show you a picture of them all together.
I've managed to get the 2nd Blue round and half of the 3rd round on the pile of blocks for my Mom's quilt before an emergency phone call came in around dinner time on Saturday and I ended up with some nice but unplanned house guest for the rest of the weekend.
Hopefully I'll get some uninterrupted time tomorrow so that I can finish up the Blue and move onto the Green blocks.
That new idea I mentioned and teased you about a few days ago? Well with the house guests I didn't get the opportunity to get the post written. It is started and should be finished and live within the next day or two. You won't want to wait though as it will be really limited and I know it will fill up quickly.
Enjoy your Tuesday!