Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yes there are still spots available in the Kate Spain Charm Swap.
The sign up emails are coming in non-stop so if you want to join in, you should send me your info ASAP. And I'm still flabbergasted that Kate Spain herself posted this on her Facebook page and Tweeted about it too!!!!! All the details can be found here.
Yes I haven't been near my studio in way too long and Yes it is driving me crazy.
I started sewing the blocks for my modern Christmas quilt but only got to complete a couple before the consignment sale work had to take priority. I hope to have that done by mid day on Saturday and then get back to some precious time with my Lucy.
Yes these are the gym pants that I need to get hemmed tonight for Sunshine.
She needs to wear them on the field trip in the morning to the apple orchard. They need about 10 inches cut off. They are the smallest size the shop had available and they are still huge. Because of the color required I wasn't able to buy them from the places I typically shop for her where they carry normal length pants in her size.
Yes unless something major happens this afternoon I AM going to go to my guild meeting tonight. I want to try it and see if I like belonging to a guild. Last month too many events collided that kept me from making the meeting.
Yes I am loosing some of my usual Friday me time to chaperone the above mentioned preschool field trip. I'm a seasoned chaperone so I'm pretty used to this plus it is actually fun. But No I won't get to sew once I get home...I have a lot more consignment sale work to do. Bummer!
Yes I have a mountain of projects on my To Make list and have made progress the last 6-8 weeks on virtually none of them. Life has just gotten in the way a lot but I'm hoping that things will settle down and I'll start crossing things off that list.
 Yes I'm starting to get a bit cranky due to my lack of sewing time, as you can imagine.
That happens when it has been too long since I've stepped foot into my studio. I'm rescheduling my work life so that I can correct that situation. Nobody wants to live with a cranky momma.

Yes I like the beautiful fall weather we are having lately, warm and sunny days....
but all good things usually come to an end and I DO NOT like what comes next.

I guess I'd better get back to work so I'll see you all later!

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Katie said...

how awesome that Kate Spain gave you a shout out -- hope that brings in more people to the swap. I got 3 of my 4 fabrics cut and ready to mail.

Tina said...

I need to get cutting and I haven't had any "Loretta" and me time either. That darn job of mine is getting in the way again, LOL.
It's amazing that Kate Spain herself posted about this! I'm thrilled!

Melinda said... has a lot of their Kate Spain fabrics on sale right now!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! And I thought I was busy!!! When you have time.....take a deep breath! It seems that everyone has a similar crazy schedule these days. We leave for VA (and our East Coast trek) a week from Monday.......all must be done by choice! And, oh yes, the RV has to be brought home for the winter before we leave, and......and.....and........ Hope our paths can cross in the coming weeks!! Hugs.........

Sarah Craig said...

This too shall pass, Michele - there are calmer days in your future! Just keep hanging in there...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the shout out and the swap activity.

I just got back from my little time away complete with stitching time. So I offer all my best wishes to you that you will get some stitchy time to your self! It's hard (and busy) when the kids are little.