Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art aprons for kids

As is usual every year, the kids' school supply lists included an old t-shirt to be used as an art smock. I honestly don't think they were really ever used by the evidence that came home on my kids' clothes plus when I was working in the classroom at various times, I never once saw the stack of shirts anywhere.

This year I wanted to provide them with something else, something that perhaps would be used for its intended purpose. While visiting my BFF during Labor Day weekend she showed me the apron she was going to make for her daughter and I though "Ah ha!". That would be perfect for my kidlets too.
This is her daughter's completed apron. I finally have gotten around to actually making them for my kidlets too.
I do wish I was able to get twill tape that matched Jammer's fabrics better but the white was all that my local Joann's had. Since I'm guessing that my kids aren't the only ones that need aprons to keep clothes clean during art class or helping in the kitchen with cooking tasks, I'm writing a tutorial to share with you how it was done.

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