Sunday, December 4, 2011

How would you quilt this?

This is my completed wall hanging from my Quilting 101 class that still sits waiting to be quilted. While I had all my other quilting done by my long arm quilting magician, I think I want to try to do this one myself. But I'm not sure exactly what sort of quilting to do on it. I sure could use your suggestions.
I really thought I had saved a picture of the class sample but I can't find it no matter where I look on this dang computer. Oh well. Let just say that it wasn't my taste at all, very dark and drab. It was all done in batiks but the color palette was dull and nothing popped. But I will say that I did like the way it was quilted. Each block had something different done to it. A little orange peel here, a bit of swirls and loops there. A real hodge podge of designs were used. I sort of thought I might do something similar. Or not, if you have a better idea that is. I actually printed the picture of mine and doodled a bit. What do you think? (please ignore the scribbles in the pink of the bottom 2 log cabin blocks. Just pretend they aren't there). And no critiquing my drawing skills allowed. I can't draw worth beans and thankfully I've always admitted that fact but perhaps you can get an idea of what I was considering.
Too crazy? Just right? I have no clue here. I need ideas and some sort of direction to take this in please. I would like to actually get this done and hung on the wall before another year passes so I beg of you, give a girl a hand here and make some suggestions.

4 of you added your own colorful comments:

Betty said...

I would give every block their own quilting, so they'd stand out more then when you'd stipple.
But I think that's your plan too.
Lovely sampler.

Kleep said...

I like the design you drew out. It looks like it would work great!

Unknown said...

I love outlining.....but what you've scribbled looks great too!

Sharon said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Lily's Quilts. Signed up to her links. You have a very happy blog here! I like where you are heading with the quilting. Even the loops in the pink geese. Have fun with it!