Friday, December 16, 2011

Gathering Dust!

My poor girl is gathering dust, or I should more correctly say is that her cover is gathering dust. Lots of it. (And yes I believe she is a girl but I have yet to come up with an appropriate name for her. Any suggestions?
I WANT to give her some attention. I honest and truly do. But I don't know when I will be able to. While showering a little while ago I thought perhaps tomorrow afternoon I could carve out some time. But No, that won't work. I still have too much Christmas shopping to do (I am so far behind this year). And then I considered the possibility that Sunday afternoon, after Sunshine's family birthday party, there might be an opportunity. But that won't do either. Said Christmas gifts, those I have actually purchased and those I hope to buy tomorrow, need to be wrapped.Don't even ask me about all the events on my calendar next week!

The most perfect Christmas gift I could get right now would be some "me" time to hold up in my studio and spend loads of time with fabric and thread but there is no way that is going to happen probably until after New Year's Day (my mom/sibling/sibling spouse/and all the kids holiday celebration is that day). So my poor girl will have to wait for me a bit longer.

I feel very upended by not having any crafting time but what is a girl to do when the big day is inching ever closer and I'm no where near ready plus both kiddos having birthdays right before that? Next year I have to make a better plan for sure. No one ever said that having Christmas shopping done by Labor Day is a bad thing, did they?

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