Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luving Sunshine

I finally finished the binding on this cuddle quilt called Loving Sunshine for my daughter last night.
I used the Flowers in the Sunshine pattern by Sweet Jane and the Luv U fabrics by Deb Strain for Moda. This is another example of my thinking 'I have no idea of what I will do with this' when I got the fabrics. A few years ago, long before I started shopping for fabrics online, my BFF called and said she was going to get a charm pack, the alphabet book and the panel from this line and do I want some too. Sure. Why not. It's cute, bright and cheery.
The pile sat in a box for a long while and eventually while hunting all over the web I came across the pattern, actually done in the same fabrics. Decision made as to what the fabrics would become. It was really easy and came together in a couple of weeks, which for me is fast because I typically only get an hour or so at my machine at any one time. I bet that it could be done in one day if that much time was actually available.
My long arm master Dianna didn't get any direction from me as to what to do and she ended up choosing a swirly butterfly pattern with a variegated yellow and green thread. She knows how I love all things swirly and it was a great choice. It looks wonderful.
Now I have a lot more appreciation for precuts and how they make projects come together quickly. A neighbor friend is expecting a baby girl in the spring (after having 2 very rambunctious boys) and the leftover charms from this line and adding a few coordinating pieces from my stash will create a similar cuddle quilt to welcome her little miss to the world.  I'm guessing that this simple adorable pattern will be a go-to for quickie cuddle quilts again and again.

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