Monday, October 31, 2022

Ghastlies Table Runner - another Ghastlie finish

My second Ghastlie finish to share has also been a long waiting UFO. I created these blocks for the Wicked Blog Hop in October 2012.










































Since I'm trying to focus on getting projects actually finished, this one wasn't hard to get to the completed top stage and then it was added to the pile to get quilted.  I turned the blocks into a table runner for my long dining room table but it could just as easily become a skinny wall hanging if I so choose at some point.













Each of the family members got a narrow border to make the block pop and then a final outer border to bring them up to a 17 inch width. I tried to search up the names of the different characters but couldn't find them so if you know which family member is who, please let me know.











I chose the Gossamer panto and used So Fine Fern thread for both the top and the bobbin.































The backing is the same spider web print that I used for the other Ghastlie project.










I think it's just the right setting for my creepy candelabra, don't you?













There's a lot more Ghastlie fabric in my stash and one day I'll get around to using more of it but until then, at least I have these completed projects to add to my Halloween decor.

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