Saturday, September 10, 2022

Kate's Large Star Quilt

Quilt Inspector #1, aka Maverick, was front and center for this quilt's photo shoot. This is Kate's large star quilt that I had the pleasure of quilting for her.










This is how it looked when it was loaded on the frame.

This is how it turned out.  I can't imagine all of the time it took for Kate to piece this quilt.  It's huge, measuring it at 110" square.  


For a traditional quilt design using retro fabrics, a feather motif was the obvious choice. We chose the Plumage panto.  Since it is a denser design, each row took almost a half hour to stitch out.

He takes his inspection duties very seriously and so he looked it over very carefully before he gave his approval.

Although my favorite thread is Glide, we chose threads without a sheen, this time Signature in Sand Dollar for the top and Mother Goose for the bobbin.

The backing fabric is a pretty scenery print in shades of Cream, Red and Green.

You can see the details of the backing fabric here.


Of  course he had to also give it the snuggability test before he deemed it just right.

Kate was as thrilled with the results as I was and I know that it it's going to keep her and her hubby super warm this coming winter.











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