Thursday, April 7, 2022

Sailing on the Wind

 Sometimes you make a quilt for someone because you come across a new pattern and/or fabric line that you know instantly is perfect for someone in your life.  That's exactly what happened when I first saw The Regetta by Patchwork Studios.  

You see, my son's best friend Jon's parents, Linda and Tom, have a sailboat on a local lake where they spend practically the entire summer and they graciously invite my son to join them for multiple days at a time over many weekends each year.  They are even teaching him how to sail.  It goes without saying, that when I saw the pattern, I had to make it for them as a small thank you for their continuing generosity year after year.

 It started with these pretty fabrics, Sail Away by Northcott, and the sailboat panel. 

This was another project that was quick and easy to piece together and within a very short time it was done and loaded on the frame.

In process...the quilting really brings so much movement and life to the quilt.
Quilting was done in no time flat and now it just needed the binding.
This is the finished quilt, ready to be gifted.
 I really love the way it turned out.  I expect that during the long northeastern winters this quilt would remind them of their summers on the lake and all the memories made there. 
 I chose the Seaside panto for this quilt.  Not only was the panto name perfect but the curve reminds me of the ribbons of the wind.
On the water areas, the stitching design looks like the back and forth of the waves.
You can almost feel the breezes in your hair.   
I know I say it all the time, but the stitching just adds such pretty texture. The thread used is Glide Tar Heel on the top and Glide Light Tan on the back.
I used this great anchor print from the same fabric line for the backing.
There was a big piece of the panel left over that I didn't want to waste.  I decided to turn it into a wall hanging that actually fits perfectly on a narrow wall in Linda and Tom's house.
For the quilting, I did organic wavy lines with random spacing. 
The back was also a leftover piece from the quilt so even less bits were added to my scrap bins.
Linda and Tom were completely surprised by the quilt and so thrilled.
It felt great to be able give these quilts to our good friends and I know that during the winter, they dreamed of the day when they get to return to their boat, Without Wind. 


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Needled Mom said...

Those are fabulous gifts for them. That panel is lovely and the quilting really did make the design come to life.

FlourishingPalms said...

What a perfect quilt design to make as a thank-you! I've never made a quilt with a panel, but I sure like the looks of this one. I had to smile at your statement: "Quilting was done in no time flat..." It's apparent you own and use a longarm because most of us would NEVER say that about quilting on a domestic sewing machine. Be grateful that you can easily whip-up gifts like these.