Saturday, April 24, 2021

Linda's Antique 9 Patch Variation Quilt

 Last fall, my customer Linda, had contacted me to request my basting service for 3 quilts she planned to hand quilt.  Though I don't get these types of requests often, it is another service I offer.  Two of the quilts were smaller pieces and the third was an antique quilt she purchased at the Sisters Quilt show many years ago.  I was able to complete the basting fairly quickly and she picked them up when she dropped off her  Brown and Black Diamonds quilt

A couple of weeks later, when I called her to tell her that the Brown and Black Diamonds quilt was finished and ready to be picked up, she asked if I'd be able to quilt the antique quilt as she was struggling to hand quilt the smaller quilts and decided that she wouldn't be able to get the larger antique quilt done.  The arthritis in her hands was giving her trouble and she just wanted to get the antique quilt done so she could use it.  I advised her that all of the basting stitches would need to be removed so that I could reload everything separately on my frame so she worked on that in the evenings and it was brought back to me when she pick up the other quilt.

Here it is all finished.


She isn't sure how old this top is but she guessed that it would be almost 100 years old.

I was drawn to the block design and am thinking about recreating it someday.  I don't think I've ever seen this block before but if you have, please let me know.
The original piecer used a huge variety of fabrics and I have to tell you that, for being entirely hand pieced, her workmanship was outstanding. Quilters Dream 80/20 batting was used, So Fine 504 Silver Screen was used on the top and So Fine 411 Black was in the bobbin.
I'm assuming that the majority of the fabrics used for the Nine Patches came from clothing.  The White and Black polka dot print and the Blue dot print were both of thinner weights but the White was a bit more of a lighter weave.  I know very little about dating fabrics in old quilts but these were definitely thinner than the fabrics in the antique quilt that I have.
There's even a signed block.  We're guessing that Aunt Harriet was the quilt maker but who knows for sure.  The blocks actually could have been constructed by a lot of different ladies.
Here you can see more of the variety of prints used in the construction.
Linda requested a basic simple meander to keep the stitching light and simple.
It suited the quilt nicely and Linda was very happy with the result.
When she picked this one up, Linda brought me another antique quilt top that she wants quilted.  It's all Bow Tie blocks and together we're contemplating possible stitching designs to find the best one to make the piecing shine.  I can't wait to stitch it and then to share it with you.  Stay tuned.

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