Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Longarm Quilting Services Available

Although I've been keeping busy, I've also been spending my early morning hours, while sipping my first cuppa, working on adding information about the longarm quilting services that I offer to this page.  I've had many requests from customers to be able to view the designs that I have available so they can see the options from the comfort of their homes before shipping me their top.

Each of the tabs above detail my quilting services:

Longarm Quilting Services
Quilt Preparation Information
Longarm Quilting Portfolio
Edge to Edge Designs - Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4
(The levels refer to the density and complexity of the pattern.  More dense and/or complex patterns take more time to stitch out and more thread.)
I also offer the ability to "test" out the design options on your quilt prior to it actually being quilted.  I have traced out clear plastic sheets of every quilting design available which can be laid on your quilt for a preview. Although the marker lines on the trace outs are wider than the actual stitching lines will be, it helps you audition patterns to find just the right one for your quilt (especially if you are having a hard time choosing one) and it gives you a great view of the finished product.
Contact me if you'd like to chat about me quilting for you.  I take great care in doing the best possible job for my customers and am proud of the services I offer to help you finish your quilt.

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