Monday, November 5, 2018

A pair of mini totes

Every year for the members of my Girl Scout troop we do a little something to celebrate birthdays and this year I decided to make something for each of them. After coming through my pile of small project ideas that I've saved over the recent years, I chose to make them Tiny Bags which is a free pattern from Sew Can She.  Caroline's blog is chock full of terrific free patterns so if you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should.

The first Tiny Bag was for Rachel.  I asked her Mom what her favorite color is and Teal was the reply so I dug through my stash to find this fun Teal polka dot fabric.  Finding a few coordinating prints for the other parts of the bag wasn't difficult.
There was a little unsewing that happened during the process but going back through the instructions at the end I figured out the issue and made the correction so that it turned out nice.
A sweet Yellow print for the inside lining/pockets gives it a cute pop of color when opened.
Rachel received her gift this past Friday at our meeting and she absolutely loved it.

The 2nd Tiny bag is for Maddie who's birthday is coming up in a few weeks.  Her favorite colors are Teal and Lilac.  I could only find the 1 lighter Purple fabric in my stash but was thrilled that it worked perfectly with the flower print that I have plenty of, leftover from making our troop t-shirts a few years ago.
The construction for this 2nd one went much quicker and so it was done in no time.
The Lime Green fabric was also leftover from the t-shirt project so I had plenty to use it for both the handles and the inside lining/pockets.
I'm thrilled with the results of my afternoon of Tiny Bag sewing.  Two done, ten more to go.
Once Maddie receives her bag at our next meeting the rest of the girls are likely to figure out that they will be receiving one too when it comes their birthday but I'll keep the color/fabric choices a secret.  Picking just the right prints for each girl will be fun.