Saturday, June 23, 2018

Charmaine's batik star quilt

I just realized that I hadn't published this post yet though I thought I had. Oops. Between end of year events for both of the kids, Jammer's Boy Scout troop and my Girl Scout troop, things around here have been just a tad bit busy.

This is the beautiful blue batik star quilt that I quilted for Charmaine. This is the "before" picture.
All loaded on the frame and ready to go.  Truth be told...she picked a different panto to use but right before I started working on this, I put the tracing sheet of that panto on the quilt and didn't like it.  It took over and the gorgeous piecing was overwhelmed so after some texts back and forth with pictures of other options with Charmaine we agreed on a different panto.
Here is the quick "all done" pic.
I had to lay it out on the floor in my great room to get a full shot of it.
It's a nice cuddle size of 75" x 75".
The quilting makes such a difference and adds such great texture.
The panto we agreed on was Whirlygig.  I used So Fine 434 for the top thread and Hab+Dash's Primo Soft in Rock Navy in the bobbin.
Of course the quilt inspector insisted on invading the photo shoot.
Charmaine brought this pretty blue batik for the backing.
We both agree that the Whirlygig panto softened the piecing lines just enough while still letting the pattern shine.
Once it was washed I'm sure this was super snuggly.
Thank you Charmaine for letting me quilt this beauty for you.
She entered it in our guild's recent show where the theme was "Stitch Upon a Star"and while Charmaine didn't have it judged, it received many wonderful comments from those who attended.