Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pillows to remember Grandma

Early in the summer the mom of one of my Girl Scouts lost her mother.  A few weeks ago she brought me a Red sweater her mom used to wear and asked me if I'd be able to turn it into a pillow that she could give to her sister for Christmas.  I hadn't done this before but I knew that it wouldn't be difficult.  

This is the result of a short amount of time of planning and sewing.
 She also brought me her mother's fluffy Pink robe and asked if I could also make a pillow from it.  This was a little more challenging but after I decided to actually leave the zipper in and make it part of the design they came together quickly.  I actually had enough fabric to make two pillows.
 I finished them on Christmas Eve and she was thrilled.
The Red pillow went to her sister, one Pink pillow when to her niece and she kept the other one for herself.  Many tears were shed when the gifts were opened and I know that they will continue to comfort all 3 ladies for many years to come.

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