Saturday, October 14, 2017

Getting back to the Halloween City Sampler blocks

Almost a year ago I posted that I hoped to have this quilt done by the next Halloween....meaning now.  Well that didn't happen but I am back to working on the blocks and am starting to see a glimmer of the finish line ahead.  

Here are some of the blocks that I've recently completed. This is block number 64.
 I'm mixing up the colors, choosing as I go along.  Block 65.
 I love the skeletons in this block number 76.
 The eyes became the fun feature in block 77.
 I went with the contrast of the Gray and Black in block 78.
 The bottom print was added to my stash recently so I used it for this block number 79.
 I finally came upon a block that worked well for the owl print.  This is number 80.
I'm continuing to make good progress on sewing more blocks so I'll be sharing more posts on those soon.

This quilt WILL be done before Halloween 2018!

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