Monday, January 23, 2017

Price Reduced - Voyager 17" machine, completely upgraded, with Hinterberg Stretch frame and extras

My Penelope has had a few serious inquiries from potential new owners but no one yet has made the leap and decided to make her their own so to help make the decision a bit easier for someone, I've reduced the price to $5,500.  She is located in Clifton Park, NY

Penelope is a Voyager 17" all metal machine that has received a complete electronics upgrade 1 1/2 years ago.
She now boasts push button Ram handles with start/stop, needle up/down and increase/decrease the number of stitches per inch right at your fingertips.  Her new features also includes 5 stitch modes (Stitch Regulated, Manual, Baste, Ruler and Robitic). Yes you can add a computer for automated quilting if you'd like. The upgrade also included great LED lights, laser light and ultraviolet lights.
Her first circut board (which was sadly inadequate) was replaced with a much improved version, all new wiring was added and new encoders were installed.  The only thing that wasn't replaced was the motor itself, which is a real workhorse and will last for years and years.
She sits on a Hinterberg Stretch frame, which is currently at 10 feet but you can easily make the frame bigger or smaller by purchasing new conduit at a local hardware store.  The stylus for the pattern boards is also included or you can flip those over and use the flat side to roll out a panto to quilt from the back of the machine.  You just turn the handles around.
Because my studio space is tight I added the laser stylus so that I could pantos from the front of the machine.  And of course you can use her to do free motion quilting.
My longtime readers know that before the upgrade was installed I struggled to use her mainly because her original electronics were subpar.  She stitched well (and still does) but the electronics just didn't work right.  Once her new parts were installed she became a completely new machine and I've really enjoyed finishing my quilts with her. 
I've done quilts as big as 92" x 106" with no problems.  The only reason she is looking for a new home is that more and more I'm quilting for others and needed to upgrade to a machine with a bigger throat and a bigger frame.  I purchased her in April 2013 and the upgrade was done in June 2014 so she is still a fairly new machine.  

Also included in the package are:  Red Snappers, extension base for doing ruler work, zippers for the leaders (if you'd prefer not to pin), ruler foot, Towa Gauge, bobbin winder, 50 bobbins, 5 extra bobbin cases, 100+ needles, 20 Magna Glide bobbins, timing needle, extra belt, machine oil, 2 DVDs and the manual. 

If you want to start into the world of longarm quilting, enjoy the freedom of creating your own quilting designs and have the satisfaction of completing it yourself, email me and then come check her out.

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Katie said...

Oh why does NY have to be so far from NC -- I took a long arming class last week as a challenge to myself and now I'm eager to get more practice so that I can determine if owning one is in my long term plan but you make this very tempting. I hope Miss Penelope finds a lovely home soon.

Brenna said...

Oh, I wish it weren't so far away! I'd be more than happy to give her a good home!

FlourishingPalms said...

Hope you find a buyer. I don't have the space, nor the interest in a longarm. I'm afraid that if I owned a longarm I would feel obligated to quilt, and quilt for others!

Mary Bolton said...

I too have a Voyager 17, have been pretty happy with it. Curious to know what you have replaced yours with?

HeatherK @ A Reformed Heath'n said...

I'm almost happy I live on the other side of the country or this would about do in my self-control. Hope she finds a happy home soon!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Perfect pairing of pattern and quilting!! You are ready for Valentine's day. :o))