Sunday, March 6, 2016

Recent happenings and Stunning Stitchin Sunday

Friday morning I had to take my car in for an oil change and tire rotation so on the way back I stopped into Home Goods to see if theyt had something I desperately needed. Why you ask?  Because I couldn't stand looking at this any more. Ick!
Yes I did put on a new ironing board cover just over a year ago but I totally gooped it up with applique adhesive when I made the Girl Scout troop tablecloth.  Big oops.  Anyway, a new one was definitely in order.

Score!  I found a few different options in stock and picked this one.  Much better now! At $9.99 each they are a real bargain.  Yes I know that I could make a pretty one myself and I certainly have enough choices of great fabrics to use for it, but to be brutally honest I don't want to waste my nice fabrics for something that I know will get trashed in time.  I'd rather go this route instead. 
Somewhere along the way recently I saw an idea someone showed on their blog for a place to put their thread scraps while using their longarm so I was on the hunt to do the same. I found this battery box and so it quickly got repurposed.
The addition of a little velcro and Viola!  The space I had to fit this thread catcher is pretty small so this box was the only thing I could find that would fit the bill.  I think the next time I go to the big box store, I'm going to pick up a little while velcro as the black just bugs me.
Then I set about loading this quilt on the frame.  It is a birthday gift for my mother-in-law.
It was nice to have some company in my studio while I worked.
I couldn't decide which thread to use, the brighter Pink or the lighter verigated one so I put it out to my Instagram followers.  I only got back a couple of comments so in the end I went wit my first gut reaction.
As you can see, I went with the brighter Pink thread for the top.
This is all I had left to do last night when I decided to call it quilts....2 rows to go.  I really wanted to finish it last night but my knees and back protested plus the kids were about to go to bed. Since my studio is just down the hall from their rooms and makes too much noise that they can hear, quilting while they sleep isn't an option.  I'll get it finished up this morning.
I've actually been able to keep up with blog reading and have come across a few recent posts with some pretty work to share with you.
Though this week's showcase is smaller, I hope you enjoy checking out everyone's stunning work.

I'm taking the girls in my troop to see Zootopia this afternoon and then Sunshine and I are heading back out to get more Girl Scout cookie orders.  She is inching closer to her goal but she still has some work to do.

8 of you added your own colorful comments:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the new ironing board cover - I buy mine too (pick up a few when they are on sale). Rather save that nice quilty fabric for quilty things.

Patti said...

I notice that end of your quilt top isn't fastened to another roller. Did you just loosen it or was it never on a roller. I am new to this and want to learn all I can. Love the colors in your quilt. Lucky Mom

Sarah Craig said...

Nice ironing board cover! If I could find one that nice in a store, I'd buy it too! And thanks for featuring my "wild quilting" on your Stunning Stitching Sunday!!

Michele said...

Hi Patti. You are a No Reply Blogger so I can't reply directly to you but I float my tops. I'm newer to it too so feel free to email me with any more questions and I'll be glad to help.

beaquilter said...

nice flowers on the quilt! and LOVE the cover...and thanks for featuring me :)

Ivory Spring said...

Love that thread catcher!!!! Very clever.

Stange and ich said...

what beautiful things you have here.
The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
Snowy greetings

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Wonderful ironing board cover. Mine is looking a bit tattered now too! The quilt on the frame is quite lovely. Looks great with the dark pink thread. I love your sleeping friend keeping you company while you stitch away. My space is a combo office and quilting room. My Lhasa sleeps in my office while I am working. The older she gets the louder she snores. Such great company though! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I have enjoyed reading the different opinions.