Friday, March 4, 2016

Girl Scout troop t-shirts done!

Thankfully I've finally been able to get back to some fun sewing because the Girl Scout troop t-shirts that I've mentioned before are all done. Whew!
I'm really happy how they turned out and the girls love them.
I had planned on taking a picture of all 13 of them before I handed them out at our meeting just over a week ago but I was running a little behind schedule and didn't get the chance.  They wore them for the first time at our local World Thinking Day event on Saturday.

I was able to get a picture of part of my troop in their new shirts.
We got a ton of compliments on them from other leaders and parents.  The bright Pink stood out in the crowd plus they will look great with their Brown vest next year when they move up to being Brownies.  I know the shirts will get a lot of use at other upcoming events this year and next year.  

I still have swap banners to make for my troop but I'm taking a little break from the applique.  Tracing and cutting out that many pieces certainly got tiring and for the next round I'm going to recruit some of my moms to help out.

The next time my troop wants shirts, I think we'll make them some other way.