Monday, February 15, 2016

City Sampler At Your Own Pace Quilt Along Linky Party

It has been a really long time since I've had the chance to make a few more blocks for my City Sampler. It is a good thing that I didn't set any sort of timeline for myself for getting this quilt done. Maybe by this coming Halloween?
Since I needed a much deserved break from sewing the appliqued pieces for my Girl Scout troop's t-shirts, these were the perfect little distraction.  The next blocks are the first 5 in the Half Square Triangle chapter.  This is block #36, with the bat fabric actually being Purple and not Blue (why does Purple photograph like that?)
Here is my version of block 37.  I realized after I completed it that my HST is split in the wrong direction but I've decided to leave it this way.
Block #38 is all spiders and skeletons.

I used this fun hearse fabric for the center of block #39.
And last for this post, here is my block #40.
I've completed 15 blocks out of the 100 so far....I have a long way to go. 
I really should get back to working on the troop t-shirts but these are so much fun.  I think I'll take a look at what the next chapter offers and then decide.

Now it is your turn to show off the progress you've made lately on your City Sampler blocks.

9 of you added your own colorful comments:

Grandma said...

Your blocks look great! I have only made 2 blocks.

Michele said...

Thanks and I hope you can get some time to make more soon.

Needled Mom said...

Your blocks are looking good. I hope you will get it finished by this Halloween.

beaquilter said...

fun blocks! glad to see you sewing again :)

Tinliz said...

Your blocks are great! Where did you find that fantastic hearse fabric. A rather excentric man in the town where I used to live, drove a vintage lime green hearse.

Katie said...

I linked my Januaray post and hopefully I will finish a few blocks tonight and get the Feb post added later this week.

Katie said...

I got on a block making role last night and whipped up some to share this month.

Tina said...

I can't even decide what fabrics to use!

Lorna McMahon said...

How fun to have chosen to make the sampler blocks in Halloween fabrics! All your blocks look fabulous!