Sunday, January 10, 2016

Be still my heart!

Oh have you seen her? She is so beautiful and I'm in love.
And I wasn't even looking for a girlfuurrriend.  My mom was on the computer reading about some place called the Three Cats Ranch and there she was on the screen.  My tummy did a flip, my eyes got all googly and I instantly fell, and fell hard, head over heals for this purrfectly stunning gal.
(Mom borrowed her photos from her mom's blog and knows that she won't mind.)

I mean, how could I resist I tell ya.  Just looks at her...that sweet face just drew me in and I love her little folded ear tip. Plus she's got lots of orange furs like me, though mine are a bit more subtle.
She looks very fit, like she's been getting lots of exercise and I'm betting she'd be fun to race around the house with.  I'm good at that.
And she's curious, just like me.  Oh what a grand time we'd have together snooping into all the cool places there are at our houses to check out and inspect.
Miss Maggie, I hope you would consider becoming my long distance love.  I'm a handsome dude fur sure.  I've got stripedy stripes in all the right places.
See my orange fur bits.  We match. Kinda.
I love to find comfy places to take a nap too.  This one is in my mom's sewing room, though fur some reason I can't furigure out, she calls it her studio.  The afurternoon sun that shines in the windows in this room is wonderfurly warm.
My mom seems to have some sort of purblem when I lay on her sewing chair when she is in here. I just don't get it. I mean, just look how purfectly shaped it is for my body.
I haven't seen any pictures of the smaller type of purreople in your house so I'm guessing that you don't have any there but I do and these are them.  The bigger one, the boy, is in constant motion and sometimes makes me nervous but the smaller girl one loves me to no end, to the puroint that many times she over does it.  I mean, a fella needs some peace and quiet sometimes, ya know.  Mom and Dad try to keep her in line but let me tell ya, it ain't easy (as I hear it).  She hunts me down all day. 
Don't get me wrong.  She is sweet and gives me lots of cuddles but sometimes too much and she has a Restraining Order thrown at her. And I get lots of breaks from her when she is at school or is sleeping at night but I know when I hear the door open, that my kid break is over.

Here's my Mom and Dad.  He's big.  Really big.  I get a crook in my neck just looking up at him.  But he's purfectly ok and lets me sleep on his side of the bed sometimes.  I even crawl up in his lap some evenings while he watches tv.  He has long legs and that, my furiend, means a big lap.  That is a good thing.
Mom is great too. She feeds me in the morning (very impurtant task, I mean the most impurtant task of all) though sometimes she tries to sleep later and I have to wake her up.  A purring and nudging usually does the trick though once or twice I've given her a little bite when the 1st method isn't working.  She doesn't like that. 

In the 9 months since I've been in my new home, I've learned a lot.  Like this quilt inspectpur job thing.  It's serious.  I mean, REALLY SERIOUS and IMPURTANT.  You have to be on the constant watch to make sure mom is doing it purfectly correctly.
Plus the sewing machine a thingy has all these bright lights on it.  I like bright lights.  They bedazzle me, just like you do dear Maggie.
As fur as that guy Smitty, don't mind him none.  I guess he is just someone you're going to have to puurt up with.  But he is your new brother after all and in time you might find that you actually like him.  Just don't tell him I said that. And he'd better not get in the way of our romance like he's gunna try to be some sort of sibling purtector or he's gunna have trouble.  Big trouble. No cat is going to stand in the way of me and my true love.
Maggie please say you will be mine now and furever and I promise that I will be true to you. How many other furrlows out there would be brave enough to profess their love on the interwebs fur all to see.

Love, Juno

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Katie said...


Tina said...

Sister Dear, you are nutz! (Strictly a sisterly term of endearment)

sunny said...

Juno, I didn't know you were a writer. How nice that you've found the love of your life. Maggie is very purrty, isn't she? And you're quite handsome yourself.

Michele said...

Hi Sunny. (that is a great name by the way...reminds me of the nice warm rays, though I'm not seeing any of that today. :( ). I don't write often but will try to do it more. I sure hope she sees this and posts back and agrees to be my girlfurriend. I just can't get her out of my mind.

Heidi said...

LOL funny Michele! I am quite smitten with Maggie as well:-) Looks like Maggie has a new home in line if somebody doesn't git his Smit together haha!

Barbara said...

Oh...garsh...I hardly know what to say! Well, you know I've never strayed (Ha!) from having many fellows in my life befur. In fact, some might say I have round heels, although I'm trying to turn over a new paw now that I've found a furever home. If you purromise not to kiss and tell, I'll be yours fur as long as you like. As for that other cat I live with, I can keep a secret. Can you? Maggie

Michele said...

Oh Maggie you have made me the happiest cat on Earth! I will treat you like a real gentlecat should and we will have many happy years together (as best as we can living so fur apart.) I don't even think about your past. You had to do what you had to do out on those nasty streets. Now you have a good home and great purents to take care of you. And Smitty? I think he's ok really. He will be a good big brother to you and keep you company since I can't be there. Love, Juno

legato1958 said...

I just love your post! Juno is handsome, and very photogenic!
It was fun to follow the link here from Cat Patches!

Susan said...

It will be fun to track this long-distance romance. Juno is a very handsome kitty.

Auntiepatch said...

Maggie and Juno purrever!

Auntiepatch said...

Maggie and Juno purrever!

DeeDee said...

How cute! Juno, you are one handsome dude. We have two kitties at our house and one tiny person as well. Olive came to live with us last year in August. She's two. And Henry came to live with us in October. He's 8 months. Our tiny person LOVES Henry and Henry loves him. Our sweet old cat Sasha Boo who was almost 15 went over the rainbow bridge last week. I miss her so much but I'm so glad that Olive and Henry are here to make me feel better. Fortunately they are both snuggle cats and love to sit on our laps and sleep on our bed. I've been keeping up with Maggie and Smitty on the blog and love to hear the stories about them. Your mom sure is a fun quilter! Glad you've found such a great job with her. Quilt Inspector! Olive is the quilt inspector at our house. Thanks for writing such a fun blog post. So cute!