Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The 2014 angel ornament - in memory of Danny

You may remember my post from last December about the ornaments my family gets annually in memory of my nephew Danny.

I started this annual tradition the first Christmas after he was killed.  For those that don't know the whole story, he was killed by a drunk driver the week after he turned 16 years old and a week before Christmas exactly 10 years ago this year. I purchased for everyone the Memorial Tear ornament. It was perfecly appropriate for how we all felt that first holiday season without him.
Along the way the tradition morphed into angel themed and each year now we search for just the right ornament to celebrate his life and to mourn his loss. This is the ornament we selected this year.  I found it at Green Products and Gifts. A few weeks before Christmas I called them up and spoke to Jennifer.  To my dismay they only had 2 or 3 left in stock. I needed 12.  When I told Jennifer why I needed so many, she just loved the story and symbolism of each ornament we picked. She then took my name and number and before long, she called back and told me that she went out and spoke to the craftsman that actually make them, told him my story and they decided to make the rest that we needed.  We had them in plenty of time for our family holiday get together.
I cannot thank them enough for making this happen.  I'll always be grateful.  Here is a better picture of it so that you can see the detail.  It is only 3" in diameter and the details are beautiful.  The wood is cut from the trunks of last year's Christmas trees.
This year's ornament has now joined the rest of the Danny ornaments in my kitchen window and I truly enjoy looking at them each and every day. It helps to keep him in my heart.
This Christmas, like all the others since he has been gone, has had its tough moments but we go on, knowing that he is smiling down on all of us from Heaven.

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Needled Mom said...

The newest Danny ornament is perfect and is just gorgeous too. It was wonderful that they were able to get all 12 for you.

Happy new year to you and your family. said...

Beautiful ornament, and what a precious way to remember. How wonderful that they were willing to make enough for the family.

sunny said...

A lovely tradition. THe new ornament, and the story surrounding it is awesome.

barbara woods said...

i have lost two sons and do something for each of them on Christmas

Terri said...

My daughter passed after many surgeries from breast cancer... she wasn't 40 yet and left 4 school aged children. Yours is a lovely tradition. Thanks for sharing it.
Hugs and Happy New Year