Thursday, October 23, 2014

Q.U.I.l.T.S Show - Part II

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures of quilts that I took at the Quilters United in Learning Together Schenectady (Q.U.I.L.T.S) last weekend. Enjoy, enjoy.

You'll Always Find Your Way Home, pieced by Susan Mezera, quilted by Eileen McCabe
Outside the Box, pieced by Lynn Reynolds Makrin, quilted by Dianne Podesva
Spring Tracks, pieced by Mary McNamara
Napa Diamonds, pieced by Mary McNamara, quilted by Eileen McCabe
Carpenter's Star, pieced by Mary Wade, quilted by Laurie Collins

Chinese Tiles, pieced by Georgia Bonesteel, quilted by Dianne Podesva
If The Hat Fits by Chris Kaczynski (You KNOW that I wanted to take this one home!)
My Celtic Solstice, pieced and quilted by Laurie Collins

Italian Tiles, pieced by Lynn Reynolds Makrin and quilted by Eileen McCabe

Times Square, pieced by Lynn Reynolds Makrin and quilted by Mandy Leins

Italian Tiles, pieced by Deborah Kreifels and quilted by Laurie Collins
Winning Hand, pieced by Mary Wade and quilted by Laurie Collins

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the show even if you weren't able to see them in person.  

We also wondered around the vendors at the show and bought just a few little goodies but I didn't take a picture before I put them away.  I'm knee deep in a deadline quilt so my studio needed to be uncluttered so that I could work. 

Now I'm ready to attend another show but I'll need to find one near enough to me.  How about you?  Do you like to attend local quilt shows?

3 of you added your own colorful comments:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing your trip to the show - lovely quilts, all. Oh, the hat - I would be tempted to take that home too. I like to attend local shows - we have 7 quilds within an hours drive, so lots of talented quilters in our area.

beaquilter said...

cool quilts, love the celtic solstice how it was quilted

Marlene said...

What a fantastic display of quilts. Enjoyed seeing the close up of the quilting-thanks Michele.