Friday, December 30, 2011

The decision I can't seem to make

Since I'm a newer quilter, I have yet to figure out my typical plan of action when buying fabric that doesn't already have a specific project in mind. Over the past months I've seen a bunch of fabric lines that I would just love to have, but since I couldn't decide exactly what to buy, I didn't and now some of them are nearly impossible to get or gone all together.

So here is my question for you today. When you see something you absolutely love and just have to own, what do you buy? Charm pack (s)? Fat quarters? Layer cake? Jelly roll? Yardage and if so, how much? There are some fabrics that I want to get before they disappear totally like Dogwood Trail, Sunkissed, Amelia, Summer Breeze II, Terrain, Ruby, Good Fortune, and Twill just to name a few plus there are a bunch coming out soon that I would like to have to make something from also.

But the other huge consideration is of course the nasty B word. The Budget. I can't afford to buy everything my heart desires. I really wish I could. But with hubs changing employers in the coming weeks and our finances changing accordingly, we won't know how it will all play out and I have to be very careful and not go overboard. So I'm looking for guidance from you. What is just the right amount to buy without spending all of my fabric budget for the year in one shopping binge and that I won't have regrets for not buying more later on?

Help a girl out here please and let me know what you would do if you were in my shoes.

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Diane-crewe said...

Dont know if this will help...but..what I do is...
IF I love it ...I buy as much as I can for half the money I have available for fabric..
If I LIKE it I buy half a metre
If I SORT of like it but am not sure I leave it behind!!
If I like a line I try and find a charm pack. Have fun with whatever you decide to do xx

Sharon Pernes said...

I had to come to terms with this too this year. What I do now is implan what quilt I will make with the fabric and buy the fabric needed. I usually get some yardage and then either a FQ set or jellyroll. Even if I change the project I still usually have enough to work with.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

If I really, really love it, then I try to get at least a charm pack or 2. Yardage is great, but it's harder (and more expensive) to get some of each fabric in the range.

But then I figure there are so many new and pretty fabrics coming out, there will always be something new that I'll love.

Kleep said...

I have the same problem--I always troll the sale section in local quilt shops, sometimes I find what I loved on sale! I buy solids from if they have the colour I want because they're much less expensive and very soft! Also, I find going on line is a great way to go.